Shoujin Ryouri 精進料理 & Mock Eel

I posted before about Shoujin Ryouri (also seen as shōjin ryōri or shojin ryori), over three years ago when I stayed in a temple at Koya-san in Wakayama Prefecture in Japan (GO!). I’m very fond and passionate about it, being a vegan foodie Buddhist and all; though I don’t make it as often as I would like! Shoujin RyouriContinue reading “Shoujin Ryouri 精進料理 & Mock Eel”


Shoujin ryouri

“Shoujin ryouri (精進料理) is a type of vegan cuisine that was developed by Japanese Buddhist monks. It is based on a foundation of vegetables and rice, and various vegetable proteins.” It is also amazing and amazingly hard to find on average in Japan, because the Japanese love to make the EXACT SAME FOOD but putContinue reading “Shoujin ryouri”