Guacamole + peas = Guacamolpea?

  I made the best guacamole last night, and I couldn’t wait to tell you about it! And there were peas in it! Avocados aren’t cheap here, so by adding in frozen peas, you double your yield without doubling the price. It tasted extra good, no pea flavor, and there’s some extra vitamins in thereContinue reading “Guacamole + peas = Guacamolpea?”

Sammiches, Guac, and Polenta fries

With my new love of working with yeast and a realization that I had a small pouch of rare whole wheat flour I had stored away, it was bread time baby!! Look at that golden whole wheat mama!! But moving on… Fresh warm bread sandwich= onion, tomato, and some sort of lettuce. And guacamole ^_^PolentaContinue reading “Sammiches, Guac, and Polenta fries”