Sriracha Tempeh with Stir Fryless Rice

I told you it was going to be a spicy weekend to start off VeganMofo! So after making your delicious Sriracha Tofu yesterday, I bet you have some marinade leftover, don’t you? No? Well, better make some more! Sriracha Tempeh Ingredients: Tempeh, cut into slices Sriracha marinade (recipe) Marinade the tempeh slices in the srirachaContinue reading “Sriracha Tempeh with Stir Fryless Rice”

Sriracha-Grilled Tofu

Imagine my delight when reading Bon Appetit‘s June 2011 issue two months late, and two of my favorite things are staring back at me: Tofu and Sriracha. Bonus: the recipe was already vegan. Super Bonus: we had a brand spankin’ new cast iron grill pan to christen. Mega Bonus: funny story about sriracha at theContinue reading “Sriracha-Grilled Tofu”