Sammiches, Guac, and Polenta fries

With my new love of working with yeast and a realization that I had a small pouch of rare whole wheat flour I had stored away, it was bread time baby!! Look at that golden whole wheat mama!! But moving on… Fresh warm bread sandwich= onion, tomato, and some sort of lettuce. And guacamole ^_^PolentaContinue reading “Sammiches, Guac, and Polenta fries”

Down home cookin’!

A sick day at home, you want comfort food with no effort.So the sick day menu included:Garlic Mashed PotatoesBrown Onion GravySauteed Garlic MushroomsToast Garlic Mashed PotatoesBoil some chopped potatoes until they easily break when pierced with a fork (about 8-10 min). I keep the skin on.Drain, put in a large bowl with freshly minced garlicContinue reading “Down home cookin’!”

Light Tofu in Broth

This soup is super quick and easy! It’s also nice and light, but the broth keeps you from being hungry afterwards! Broth:Boil water and wakame (or other sea veggies),cubed firm tofu and finely chopped onion.(Maybe add some garlic powder and a hint of soy sauce if you want more flavor) Once boiling, add dumpling doughContinue reading “Light Tofu in Broth”