Pot stickers

a.k.a. gyoza or Chinese dumplings This recipe is pretty organic, working with what you have! I think mushrooms make a pretty good filling (in lieu of fake meat), I added some tofu just to bulk it up. Mushrooms (pack), dicedOnions (1/2), dicedTofu (1/2 block), drained & crumbledcarrot (1/2 stick), sesame oil*small bowl of water PackContinue reading “Pot stickers”

Eggplant Rice Bowl

“Gyuu-don” in Japan is a popular beef rice bowl. Gross I know. But don’t worry! A super tastier & healthier rice bowl is ready to take it’s place as Number One! EGGPLANT RICE BOWL!“Nasu-don” makes 4 bowls 2 medium Asian eggplants (or one regular large eggplant)1 onion, chopped1 C “dashi” (konbu, wakame, or vegetable stock)1/4Continue reading “Eggplant Rice Bowl”

Vegan Tofu Takoyaki

Takoyaki is a Japanese dish that translates to “fried octopus balls.” And that’s “balls” as in the shape of dish! It is a piece of octopus covered in batter and cooked in special takoyaki-iron that produces the ball shape. Osaka is very famous for its takoyaki. I decided to translate & alter an authentic JapaneseContinue reading “Vegan Tofu Takoyaki”

Mapo Dofu/ Mabo Tofu

This is the best I’ve ever had! And smells divine!This dish is popular in China and Japan. Spicy and warm with the smoothness of tofu. 1 box silken-firm tofu1/2 C beef-style crumbles (or TVP bits, slightly moistened)3 Tbsp sesame oil 1 chili pepper, minced (or 3 Tbsp mild chili powder)1 small onion, minced1 clove garlic,Continue reading “Mapo Dofu/ Mabo Tofu”

Vegan Japan

I’ll (try to) spare the talk and get on with the pretty pictures! Mr. Young MenKyoto (Teramachi & Shijo)Okonomiyaki Tofu Okonomiyaki(shown with miso soup with fried tofu) Osaka is the famous place to get this cuisine, but Mr Young Men is accomidating and has a ton of options. Just ask for no eggs, mayo, orContinue reading “Vegan Japan”

Japanese Tofu Burgers

(Recipe coming soon) This is a Japanese tofu burger (ganmodoki) which is vegan, and it is moist as well! It has tofu, oil, carrots, potatoes, burdock (a root), and Jews ear are the basic things in it. It was made for Buddhist vegan cuisine, although recipes I have seen online all contain egg =/ Ps-JewsContinue reading “Japanese Tofu Burgers”

Curry Udon

Curry Udon is probably my favorite food ever.It’s indulgent, succulent, full of fat and calories and all that bad stuff that makes it tastes so good.Japanese curry is very different from Indian curry*. It’s smooth, savory, thick and mild (if you want). You will need –Veggies. Staples are onion and carrot chunks. Broccoli is niceContinue reading “Curry Udon”