Oil-free, perfectly-popped popcorn

Popcorn is promoted as a healthy snack. Well, on its own! When you start adding margarine and salt and chocolate and nuts, well… not so much =) But those types are more treats I think. Everyday popcorn, that’s what I want! You may be thinking, “Duh Ronin, I know that. I’ll just throw a bagContinue reading “Oil-free, perfectly-popped popcorn”

Homemade Spicy Ketchup

So yesterday you started making your spicy mustard. So obviously the next step is to make some ketchup! Spicy ketchup at that! Oh oh oh, did I mention the best part? BONUS SALSA at the end! This is originally a Jaime Oliver recipe . I only had a few tomatoes so I halved the recipe. I’mContinue reading “Homemade Spicy Ketchup”

Easy Homemade Spicy Mustard!

That’s right. You can make mustard at home and it’s super simple. Fix it and forget it. And I’m NOT talkin’ the mix-some-mustard-powder-with-water-and-call-it-a-day mustard. Nu-uh. I’m talkin’ about BAD-ASS mustard! Mustard seeds have bite to them when cut, which gives this a natural intensity. Don’t worry- you can handle it! I’m posting today, so youContinue reading “Easy Homemade Spicy Mustard!”

What else can I do with Brussels Sprouts?

I’ve made Brussels Sprouts before, even having it listed 3 other times on my little food tag list over there, ———————————–> I only ever put general ideas, not recipes. Even though I’ve put up plenty of recipes, Vegan Ronin is about the FEEL of food. Letting meals come organically (except desserts; not a lot ofContinue reading “What else can I do with Brussels Sprouts?”

Mustard-glazed Brussels Sprouts

  Happy Thanksgiving, you Canucks! Sadly, the mighty Brussels sprout has been lumped into only being eaten at Thanksgivings, Christmas, and other chilly, holiday events. But, you guys, Brussels sprouts are RAD and should be eaten all the time while they’re in season! Make sure you always buy sprouts that are firm and tight, soContinue reading “Mustard-glazed Brussels Sprouts”

Stuffed Shells

Great for a dinner party or plenty of portions to freeze for yourself! This was also my contribution for the Vegan Potluck #6 (Hi new and newer friends!) ***THIS IS A DOUBLE PORTION FOR MANY PEOPLE!!! Please HALVE or QUARTER the recipe for “normal” people amount.***   Stuffed Shells Main Ingredients: 1 bag of large pastaContinue reading “Stuffed Shells”

Pajeon: Korean Scallion Pancakes

I first had pajeon, what I know as “chijimi”, in Japan. There seems to be internet debate that chijimi and pajeon are different, but for what I ate, it was the same. I am only recently getting into Korean food, so feel free to enlighten me! (Also let me apologize for the crummy pictures. IContinue reading “Pajeon: Korean Scallion Pancakes”

Sriracha Tempeh with Stir Fryless Rice

I told you it was going to be a spicy weekend to start off VeganMofo! So after making your delicious Sriracha Tofu yesterday, I bet you have some marinade leftover, don’t you? No? Well, better make some more! Sriracha Tempeh Ingredients: Tempeh, cut into slices Sriracha marinade (recipe) Marinade the tempeh slices in the srirachaContinue reading “Sriracha Tempeh with Stir Fryless Rice”